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COVID-19 Safety Plan for Moon Curser Vineyards - 3628 Hwy 3 East, Osoyoos

We have created and implemented a detailed set of rules and guidelines to ensure the safety of all our guests and employees. We last updated it June 30, 2021. We thank you for your patience and support offered during these challenging times. We look forward to welcoming you back to our Osoyoos East Bench Tasting Room.  

Upon your arrival at Moon Curser, you will observe two areas where you can interact with our staff. Please proceed to the Host/Sales Area tent first.  

The details of our safety protocols are outlined below - please keep reading...

What we ask of you: 


1. A Host/Sales Area under an outdoor tent beside the tasting room. 

A Moon Curser staff member will welcome you from a safe distance of 6+ feet. There will be no hand shaking or other close physical contact. There will be no tastings available in the tent. You will be asked whether you have a pre-booked tasting appointment, and if so, be asked to use hand sanitizer upon arrival and directed to your tasting location. If you don’t have a pre-booked tasting appointment, you will be able to purchase wine, or inquire about booking a tasting appointment. 


2. The tasting rooms where you can enjoy a guided tasting with one of our experienced staff.

For your safety, tastings are by appointment. Appointments can now be booked online. 

If you arrive without an appointment, and there is room available at the next tasting session, we will be delighted to schedule your group in, availability permitting.  

Full details of the tasting experiences we offer can be viewed on our Visit Us page.

Please ensure you arrive a few minutes early to check-in. Because of our COVID-19 protocols, we cannot accommodate late arrivals without compromising the quality and length of your tasting experience.  


Physical Distancing/Barriers 




Sanitization & Hygiene 



Moon Curser employees have been instructed as follows: 


Communication Plans